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- Carbon Steel Inner Layer

- Stainless Steel Outer Layer

- Cost Savings Up to 80%


Carbinox Stainless Steel Products


Carbinox stainless steel bollards and barriers combine high strength, great aesthetics and low cost to provide the ideal parking, traffic management and equipment protection solutions.  Whether you need a single standard semi dome, flat top or mitre top bollard or a series of ultra-large, heavy duty, custom made protection barriers, Carbinox is for you.  


Unique Manufacturing Technology


The unique patented manufacturing technology used for all Carbinox products wraps and bonds a stainless steel layer around a high strength carbon steel core.  This technology results in cost savings of up to 80% over traditional stainless steel products without compromising on apperance, quality or performance.  Carbinox is used by some of the worlds largest and most respected brands and the products are becoming the industry standard for protecting valuable equipment and buildings in style.


Bigger IS Better


If you are looking for big stainless steel bollards, big stainless steel barriers, or any application where thick wall sections are required, Carbinox is for you.  The larger the product and thicker the wall section, the greater the savings over traditional stainless steel products.  


Click below now to see if you can save up to 80% on like-for-like stainless steel products.  

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“Just what we needed.  Stainless steel barriers and bollards at a fraction of the price"  

Sean Harrison, Director, RAM Perimeter Protection